We're here for you when your doctor's not  

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Our staff is fully trained to administer and analyze certain tests that can determine the cause of your discomfort.


You'll be tested for various minor illnesses and conditions. We frequently test patients for illnesses like strep throat and various influenzas.

When you come to Med Plus After Hours Clinic, we want to make sure that you can find out everything there is about your illness.


To ensure your safety and good health, we offer on-site testing for common illnesses, so you can receive proper treatment soon after your visit to either our Jackson or Brooklyn center.

Simple On-Site Lab Tests Available

Fast Lab Results That You Can Trust



Certified to Perform CLIA Waived Testing

  • Strep Throat

  • Blood sugar

  • Urinalysis

  • Influenza A & B

  • Pregnancy

  • Mono

Common Lab Tests Offered at Med Plus

Every patient's illness is important to our doctors and technicians. We strive each day to provide our patients with the best medical treatments and advice in the area. The next time you are unable to see your general practitioner know that you can trust in our care!

Find Accurate Results and Diagnosis

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